2017 is a year that has already bought about many trials and tribulations in our life together. After loosing our daughter, Rey, on 1/1/17, we embarked on our long established plans to move to the US! In this blog you will get an insight into our crazy life with DDPYoga, and the adventures that we go on – the sights, the sounds and all with the love, passion and drive that Rey instilled into us. Positivity rules!

update: and just too throw into the mix for good measure, in 2018 we found out I was pregnant again! Little did I know we also were to find something else growing at the same time…

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Inspiration Explanation: Part II

I can’t help but feel that something went wrong. Everything fell apart before our very eyes and there was NOTHING we could do about it. I have held off from blogging because I have had no words until now! No one ever would have thought that I would become pregnant and have a diagnosis of … Continue reading Inspiration Explanation: Part II

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