Less Lumps, More Bumps!

Constant positive outlook + cancer fighting diet + amazing worldwide support from husband, friends, family, colleagues and of course the DDPYoga warriors = a fight that cancer cannot win!

Today was a day I have been looking forward to. I haven’t been able to feel the lump myself for a few days, but thought the oncologist would probably find some of it (you know being an expert and all) in the physical examination. His words today:

“If I didn’t know why you were here, I would assume that there was nothing unusual here.”

He couldn’t find it.



To top this off, the genetics results came back negative! No BRCA!

*Cue sighs of relief*

So the current plan of action that stands is:

  1. Chemo 4/4 on 26th July (next week)

  2. A break from all things cancer related!

  3. Baby to be induced at the end of August

  4. CT and Mammogram to assess the boob

  5. Consult with surgeons

And that’s where I am stopping, because we don’t know what will happen then. With the genetic results we’ve been advised that I’m no more likely than anyone else to get a recurrence of it, and the ovarian cancer risk is the same as the general population. It’s not hormonal related either, it is just one of those anomalies.

I know it’s far from over, but today has been a huge mile of this marathon that I’ve overcome. And I intend on completing this with elegance and grace… not that I’m capable of either of those things! (More like an elephant on ice skates stomping around chanting, “fuck you cancer!” instead!). I will still experience more hair loss and fatigue for a while – the fatigue is particularly hard to deal with, being pregnant and the treatment just intensifies it.

On that note, the pregnancy is going smoothly and I’m sure this little warrior is going to make us really proud parents in 6 weeks time. She’s definitely taking after her dad – lots of yoga moves and then kicking me like the double pedal on Lars Ulrichs drumming on Metallica’s song One…

I’ll be blogging very soon once we’ve moved into our new place, so in the meantime I’ll leave you with this

2 thoughts on “Less Lumps, More Bumps!

  1. It must be that I’m American… because to me your Stomping and Fuck your Cancer Chanting has been displayed incredibly elegantly and graceful! Keep Killing it Girl… YOU GOT THIS! Xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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