Distance made shorter

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I blogged, there will be more soon. This one needed to come out today, and I think it will help lots of other expats living abroad.

Today was a little surreal and it’s hard to write and necessarily understand, but go with it….

This September, whilst I’m living in America, my dearest Auntie Mary died peacefully during a nap, and today was her funeral in the UK. We couldn’t afford the flights back for the funeral, but thanks to modern technology and an awesome family, I joined the congregation through FaceTime. I thought it would be weird at first, but my cousin’s wife really wanted me to be there too, and I’m so glad I was able to sort of be there 😊. I’m sure some people thought it was weird, but it felt right. And it felt great seeing my family together. If you find yourself unable to attend a family members funeral – I can highly suggest doing this!

Auntie Mary was a driving force in our family and she has been there for me in more ways than I can think of. She was so loving towards me all through my childhood, into teenage hood and into adult hood. There is stuff I shared with her as a teenager, that I would never share with my mum! I would sometimes catch the bus and come in for a cuppa just to see her and Uncle Gar, and catch up – there was always time for you and she would always make sure I’d eat! I’m so glad she got to see me marry the love of my life and  I know she would be so pleased that we have done some of the incredible things we have been able to do and will continue to do.

Uncle Gar, Chris, Andy, John, Paul, Sarah, mum, dad – love you guys to the moon and back xxxxxxx