Reigniting the Creative Spark

I’ve lost a lot of my passion for music – well at least for teaching it. Some of my students were fab, but I know I no longer want to be pulling 50 hour teaching weeks like I was in the UK. It drained me! So with our new adventure starting in America, I thought it was high time to express myself creatively via art class – and I’m so glad I did! 

I met some lovely ladies on the course, all with different backgrounds and ideas for their projects. Over a seven week course we would start to bond  over brushes and canvases, and it was marvellous. Our teacher, Emma helped us with all the little challenges we faced and gave me the confidence to put those colours on.

Here is my finished project- Durdle Door from the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. I used acrylic paints. 

The value of art as a therapy is second to none. It really helped me deal with a lot of the raw grief I experienced from our loss of Rey and relit my passion for creating. Whilst we don’t have a huge income, I’ve taken up sketching in the mean time. I haven’t done “art stuff” since I was 16, and I am so glad to have rediscovered this vent for creativity! Maybe this is something I should have kept up a long time ago and should keep doing for a long time to come! 

Art is something you breathe- with a different kind of happiness

(Here is the collection of pictures week by week as my painting grew!)


No political opinions are in this blog! 

I’ve voted. I’ve voted in the UK election from over the ocean. I’ve voted because I have the right to vote thanks to efforts of the suffragettes 104 odd years ago. I remember as a 10 year old learning about the sacrifices these women made in order to give us future generations a say in politics. It resonated so deeply with me, that I have voted since I was old enough. In fact it was 104 years ago to this very day that Emily Davidson died fighting for the women’s vote.

After the brexit vote, I was astonished to hear that so few of the population had taken the opportunity – and there were many people I knew! And many had the excuse of “I couldn’t find the time, I was too busy, I was working”. Gaaaaaaahhhhh!  

So with this thought in mind, I want to highlight to people that they can vote by proxy – it’s easy! You nominate someone else you trust to cast your vote in the way you see fit.  You can sort it on your phone! You don’t have to even leave the house! You don’t even need to leave the couch! 

But is it too late?


We had to sort out ours a few weeks back, but we did it. SO SORT IT NOW!

In the words of the Beastie Boys, “You’ve gotta fight for your Right!” Now Go and Vote!