Secret Bowling Skillzzzzzz

We finally got to book in some quality time with our marvellous U.S friends, the Russell’s for a night of bowling and arcade fun – I felt like I was 16 all over again! (except this time it wasn’t in some scabby smoke-filled basement known as Bournemouth Super Bowl (good times!)) 

The Russell’s vs the Walden’s (and yes I’m holding a kazoo I won!) 

We went to Bowlero up in Kennesaw, and it was the nicest, cleanest bowling ally I have had the pleasure of playing in. Haydn and I  totally recommend going there, because not only was  it well presented, but also the staff were polite and accommodating. The wait time for an alley was relatively short too. 
Now I’m rubbish at bowling and I know it, but I just love the quality time you get with your friends and the commeraderie it encourages! We were having a blast and the first game results were so-so, but we didn’t really care! The beers were flowing and for Haydn, the coffee was generously flowing too – the joys of being a designated driver. 

The second game starts and there is a distinct difference in the results… all we’re doing much better, but especially one person. So it turns out Haydn is pretty good at bowling! He is a man of many talents, but I was quite unaware for 7 years about this one! 

1st strike – yes well done! 2nd strike – that’s some good karma happening there… 3rd strike – what’s going on here? 4th strike- really? REALLY?! 

You get the idea. AND there were more strikes to follow this direction.

None of us had the foggiest idea of how this anomaly occurred, perhaps it was the copious amounts of caffeine in his system, who knows! BUT I am now sure if Haydn takes on another career change at any point , it should be as a pro bowler – I’m sure he would do pretty well at it! 

Such a bunch of fitties!

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