Erasing the Stigma

After Rey died and we were left without a baby and all the dreams we had made, we decided to create new dreams, and share our experiences with the world. I know not everyone would do what we have, but for us it was the right thing to do. Even though it’s been a short time, I am so glad that we have spoken aloud about our experiences with late miscarriage and infant loss. We have met some amazing people who have similarly gone through the pain we have . Some of these people have been so relieved that we have, that they now feel they can talk about their losses openly too! 

There is unfortunately a social stigma around being an Angel Parent. I don’t know what causes it, I don’t know why it is such a taboo. I do know that too many of us go through this horrendous experience, and feel isolated and withdrawn, because losing a baby is an “awkward topic”. So we chose to share our story for this stigma to disappear, because  talking about it helps us, the parents to deal with it. Also it hopefully helps others understand what we are going through, and to not feel awkward or unsure around us.

Being a U.K. Expat in the USA means that I have the joy of two mothers days. The American one is this month, and I’m not looking forward to it. But there are glimmers of society changing the stigma around. 

I fortunately got to watch this video for Mother’s Day featuring my gorgeous friend, Christina and what I love is that it encompasses us angel parents too into Mother’s Day!  Watching it warmed my heart and I actually felt like Mother’s Day can encompass us reguardless of whether our babies are with us physically or in our hearts.  Thank you Christina for sharing you experiences 😊

Fellow American and UK angel parents, we are thinking of you this Mother’s Day. Know that there is strength in our numbers! And if you ever want someone to talk to/listen/share experiences, Haydn and I are here for you. I’ve also put in a link to various charities below who you can contact. You are not alone! 

“No child and mother ever live apart. No matter the distance between them” 

With special floaty kisses for all our little angels xxxxxx

Pregnancy loss directory 

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