Little Messages

Words can’t describe how much I miss my Rey bear, but since moving to Atlanta we have had an influx of little occurrences that have reassured us that moving here was the best thing that could happen to us.  We know that she is still with us for every step of the journey! 

Haydn read to Rey everyday as she peacefully slept in the chapel of rest, and a favourite book we read to her before the end of each visit was Guess How Much I Love You. It’s seriously cute and has particular meaning to us. On the first time he read it, a little tear gathered in the corner of her eye, and we were overjoyed to have a little sign from her! Scientists would argue that she was just leaking fluid, but this was the one and only time we saw it happen, and it was beautiful – a moment I will never forget.
Since then, whether it is a hint of her smell, or a little reminder from her memory box, we love the little things that bring us closer to her. 

The other day we were walking around Target, buying stuff for the apartment when we came across the picture of Big Nut Brown Hare and Little Nut Brown Hair from the book! Not only that, but it was right next to some Starwars novels too! I immediately welled up and we gave each other the biggest hug as it was such a lovely sight to see!
A couple of days later we drove past the hotel we stayed at last where ahem…Rey was gifted to us in the most wonderful way (catch my drift!) and I said to Haydn, “Doesn’t it feel right that we are here in the place where our babies life began?!”And we agreed, it feels like we have come home – it feels like we have come home to her. 

“There is no footprint too small that it does not  leave an imprint on this world”

Floaty kisses for our girl xxxxxxxx

3 thoughts on “Little Messages

  1. That is a joy to read.
    Sending you hugs across the water.
    It will all come right and this is the beginning for you all. Three kisses, one each.

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  2. Lovely piece and wow, what signs you’ve had from her! I firmly believe that those we love who have gone to the light are waiting for us and the research into near death experiences, for example, supports this as does the science of consciousness. Your little Rey is watching over you in your very special place. Much love xxx


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