New Continent, New Beginnings

“We are all stories, make sure yours is a good one”

Oh… we are! 
You know that feeling when you are in the right place at the right time? We are there.
We had confirmation for our apartment today and pick up the keys tomorrow. We have a hire car sorted, we have ordered the bedroom furniture and even spent last night testing mattresses. For those of you who may not know, this was our first ever mattress buying trip – it’s only taken us 7 years! 

Haydn starts his epic vocational job at the DDPYoga performance center this coming Monday, and I am tasked with sorting out the apartment whilst waiting for a work permit to appear. Due to the J-2 dependant visa restrictions, I have to wait 2/3 months before I’m cleared to work…

… Effectively I am being forced by the government into a state of homemaker-ness… and I’m not sure I’m wholly comfortable with it, but hey, I will be making the most I can out of it! 

I’m looking into adult classes, planning trips for us to go on, establishing friendships and more importantly using the time to rediscover myself – which after everything we have been through, is definitely required. 

And the best bit? I get to share our experiences adventures with you all!

Rey gave us this little light and we are running with it!
 Some ducklings and their mama spotted on the pond near our place a couple of days ago.

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